Cleanroom doors manufacturers play a vital part when it comes to delivering some of the finest and best performing cleanroom and fire rated doors. Not every manufacturer can offer the superior quality and durability required for a perfect cleanroom setting. Landing into choosing a fire door or cleanroom door supplier in haste can lead to uncontrollable situations that none of up would wish for. Trio India offers a league of varied choices of cleanroom and fire rated doors in the prime cities of Kenya including Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, etc. Manufactured using the most reliable raw materials that are dust proof, dirt, and moisture proof for higher longevity, these are easy to maintain with affordable cost supplies as well.

Single and Double Fire Rated Doors

Your search for reliable quality, high performing fire door company reaches its destination at Trio India. Recognised as one of the best quality fire shaft doors manufacturer on global scale, we ensure offer a well-tested set of doors undergone multiple level of safety standard tests. Our team is a pro at creating doors that can match an individual’s setting as well with our 100% customization options. Now no more worrying about sudden fire outbreaks when you can protect your space with our modern fire rated single and double doors.

Modular and Glazed Office Partitions

Cleanroom partition panels can simply transform your cleanroom setting into a more viable and storage friendly space. Cleanroom partitions play a vital role in not just demarcating the space but, also increasing the space and storage space with better space management. No more compromising your space with those old partitions when you can create a way different partitioning that makes your space even more alluring. Choose from our range of contemporary designs and styles of modular and glazed office partitions at Trio India.

Attractive Cleanroom Systems and Panels

Cleanroom systems are gaining high popularity due to its wide usage and safety based atmospheric setting. Need for modular cleanroom systems and panels can solve a lot of problems to maintain a separately isolated setting for medical and other needs. If you need a modern cleanroom that fulfils all your needs, get the most superior quality cleanroom systems that can be customised for your space suitability. Best quality at best price is our unique element.

Cleanroom Doors and Panels Accessories

Cleanroom accessories can play a pivotal place when designing and creating your cleanroom spaces. Without the right set of accessories creating your cleanroom will not be as accurate as possible. Choose form our well-defined set of uniquely designed cleanroom accessories including wall and panel accessories as required for the right cleanroom creation. We ensure best performance with eased access for all your cleanroom needs.