Adhering to the right quality and safety standards, it is very important to choose the right set of doors for any cleanroom setting. Commercial setups need a specially curated cleanroom to protect their products for a higher longevity. In such a case failing to choose the right cleanroom door will lead to complete disaster. Apart from lost longevity, there are multiple things that might get affected as well. Similarly fire rates doors are a must when we talk about commercial establishments. Choose the best quality and well safeguarding robust fire doors that will safeguard your premises and avoid spreading of the fire too soon. Trio India offers superior quality and reliable fire doors and cleanroom doors that can easily be customised as per the client premises. Our services are well spread across the major cities of Iraq including Baghdad, Mousl, Basrah, etc. for better reach.

Internal and External Fire Rated Doors

Finding it hard to find the appropriate partner to help you cater to all your needs concerning fire rated doors in Iraq! Well! Not anymore, operating in the prime cities of Baghdad, Mousl, Basrah, etc. at Trio India, we specialize in offering all kinds of fire-resistant doors. We specialize in customised doors as well to suit every need and setting of our client. Get your superior quality doors, easily customised to fit your premises, hassle free at the best cost with us. We offer a range for best quality and highly specialized internal and external fire rated doors for all types of commercial and residential spaces.

Glass office partitioning & Cleanroom Partition Wall

Partitions cannot just improvise the spatial setting of a place but, add a better and organised aura to the place as well. In fact, well curated partitions are of great help when trying to manage a small space and expanding enough storage spaces, too. Take a look at our wide range of innovative designed glass office partitions to suit your spaces and maximize its appearance, too. We strive to integrate our ideas to well corporate them as per our client’s expectations in terms of both – glass and cleanroom partitions. Choose from our range of reliable and wide range of styles and patterns to pick the most suitable one for you.

Modular Cleanroom Systems & Panels

Cleanroom settings need several components to well participate and contribute to its robustness and safety. Without which a cleanroom always remains volatile and void. Modular cleanroom systems and panels are those prime components apart from the other accessories required. Choosing the right cleanroom system and panel will either make or break your cleanroom operations. We offer modular cleanroom systems and panels that are reliable and heavy-duty to match the rigrous needs of such a setting. Load management, safety standards matching and durable, one can well very rely on them for a perfect dust-free, fire-resistant, and externally protected cleanroom for your place.

Cleanroom doors and panels accessories

Apart from the doors and panels, it is very important to pick the right set of sturdy panel accessories to ensure the longevity and high-performance of your cleanroom. At Trio India, we understand the need and thus, offer a range of specialised, experts’ tested range of cleanroom accessories to suit across all kinds of cleanrooms. Our products range from panels. Lockers, piping, HEPA filters, electrical outlets, air showers, data ports, etc. Every set of panel accessories manufactured at our place is tested and certified to match the safety standards while suiting the job of the space.