Choosing the right cleanroom door for a secure space is one of the most important factor of consideration. Robust spaces always need the right add-ons to support its well-being. Trio India offers a wide range of durable cleanroom doors suitable for an isolated setting, suitable for cleanrooms. Popular across the prime cities of Nepal like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Itahari, etc. our prime aim is to fulfil the most critical elements for a perfect cleanroom. Our team ensures the entire design to be created with utmost care and precision for the best results, in case of crisis breakouts. Choose these cleanroom doors and fire doors to enjoy low maintenance yet match the apt levels of air pressure at your place. No more worrying about keeping away the contaminants to keep the cleanroom air clean with Trio India’s doors.

Affordable Single and Double Fire Rated Doors

High-cost cleanroom doors are easily available but when it comes to superior quality yet affordable single and double fire rated doors, do not trust anyone other than Trio India. We offer tested and certified single and double fire doors as per ensured compliances and standards. Easy to maintain, these doors can be easily fixed in case of any problem situation. Each of these doors are come with clear signs and marks to offer clear instructions in case of emergency. Suitably wide, these doors are a suitable fit for free entry and exit of individuals and equipment without any hindrance. Our doors are equally sturdy due to the kind of raw materials used. This ensures non-emission or absorption of contaminants and higher level of longevity. Easy to install and use, these are created to ensure ease of opening and shutting without the need of excessive force.

Fire Shaft Doors Supplier

Fire outbreaks can devastate any setting. Therefore, fire shaft doors need to be highly durable and long-lasting. Capable of handling fire outbreaks for a longer time is another quintessential part of these doors. However, with added robustness comes added cost too. Well! That isn’t the case with Trio India’s fire shaft doors. Recognised as one of the top-class fire shaft doors supplier in Nepal, we ensure safety along with added advantage of cost effectiveness. If you are searching for fire shaft doors that will suit your setting, make sure to check our range and even get them customised as per your setting and space.

Cleanroom Partitons & Ceiling Installation Services

A cleanroom setting is incomplete without the right clean room doors and required panel accessories. At Trio India, we ensure manufacturing of a league of accessories including air showers, Pass-Thrush, fume hoods, soft wall, sealed panel, aluminium coving, etc. Choose from our range of clean room doors and panel accessories that comes associated with robustness and low maintenance. No more investing in extravagant doors and accessories to ensure a safe cleanroom setting, when you have an equally reliable and robust range of equipment from Trio at an affordable price.