Superior quality cleanroom doors and fire rated doors are one of the most essential part of every industrial or residential setup. Designed to fulfil all kinds of external elements, filtration based stringent requirements, these cleanroom doors apply to the hygiene needs as well. Additionally designed for interior applications, they should be quite robust to humid or corrosive environmental conditions. At Trio India, we ensure delivery of best quality metal doors that are fire-resistant, swell-proof, rot and rust-proof, warp, and rust resistant, which makes it a perfect fit across pharmaceutical, entertainment, food, and even healthcare sectors. Committed to delivering the best products for incorporation across various facilities, we offer our product line in prime cities of Saudi Arabia, including Jeddah, KSA, Riyadh for a robust structure setup.

Modern Fire Rated Single and Double Doors

Specialized in offering superior level, modernized fire rated doors, our prime aim is to ensure safety and security in all conditions. Our modern fire rated doors are 100% suitable for interior applications and fulfil all kinds of hygienic and safety based stringent requirements. Choose from our pool of Single/Double leaf doors to suit your premises’ needs. We even offer customized products as per the requirement of our clients. Every set of doors we offer is acoustic, bacteria-resistant, fire resistant, etc. With a flush surface, one can easily maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of these doors in every setup. No pressure leakage in the door is the most crucial attribute of these doors that makes it a perfect fit across fire outbursts.

Cleanroom & Glazed Office Partitions Manufacturer

We understand the stability and safety needs for a cleanroom setting. At Trio India, we even understand how important it is to keep your cleanroom well organised. Whether you wish to have a cleanroom for your pharmaceutical setting, food, hospitality, or any other industry, keeping it organised is of utmost importance. Trio India can provide you with a system that suits your cleanroom with structurally designed cleanroom and glazed office partitions.

Trio India offers a range of modern and equally strong office partitioning solutions to suit any office environment. We have a team of experts who will work with you to design and construct your office space, ensuring it suits your business needs and requirements. Whether it is the layout of the cleanroom, or the type of materials that you want to use for your office partitions, we ensure delivery of the same.

Cleanroom Ceiling tiles, panels manufacturer

Trio India takes pride in manufacturing a wide range of clean room performances and utility management add-ons as well. Meeting the demands of the cleanroom spaces, we are popular for our cleanroom ceiling tiles and panels manufacturing across the globe. Cleanroom environment seeks a very high air cleanliness level with control over atmospheric components as well. Our ceiling tiles and panels are specifically designed, keeping in mind these crucial requisites of a cleanroom setting. High durability, fire resistance and easy to clean and maintain these come with additional factors of low maintenance with high safety and control contamination attributes.

Cleanroom doors and panels accessories

Trio India stands as one of the most reliable names for cleanroom doors, fire doors and panel accessories, too. We spread our wings across the prime pharmaceutical, food & packaging, hospitality, laboratories, semiconductor & electronic industries. We also manufacture rigorously for computer server rooms and R&D labs because of the level of robustness, we assure to deliver. Choose from our range of panel accessories integrated to keep the cleanroom environment intact. Our range of panel accessories include – lockers, cross over benches, light fixtures, HEPA pictures, air showers, clean room parameters display, hand washing devices, cut-outs, and piping fixtures, etc.