Glazed Partitions

Glazed Partitions

Trio India Glazed walls offer a perfect incentive wherever elegant transitions are needed from one room to another. Glass partitions are highly favoured in Labs (QC / Micro / Testing) office spaces due to their ability to maximize space and natural light. Framed glass partitions create impressive and practical office space division. The soundproofing properties of glazed partitions allow employees to work undisturbed, which is perfect for a working environment, while still feeling included their surroundings as opposed to the obstruction created by concrete walls.

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Our Specifications

View Panel Width: Max 4500mm / Customized, as standard.
View Panel Height: Up to 3200mm
Base Detail: Raised Floor Track
Insulation: Rock Wool & Polyurethane Foam
Glazing: Single Glaze / Double Glaze
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