How to choose cleanroom panels suppliers? (5 key tips to remember)

Thanks to the fast-paced development in the department of science and technology, the quality of life have improved drastically. Today, the requirement for buildings has changed from ‘one roof, four walls, and a shelter to a more stringent need to enhance the overall experience of the building.This requirement of the industry has led to the development of a special antibacterial board by the Cleanroom panels suppliers. The quality of a cleanroom panel is vital to the cleanliness of your cleanroom.The Modular Cleanroom Partitions supplier and Manufacturers make sure to meet all our requirements with a series of panels that are used in buildings or office spaces to help achieve the diversification of building functions and improve our living standards. The industries like food and medicine that are strongly connected to our health face the biggest problem of keeping the microorganism and virus away.

With so many options around, there is a great possibility to get all muddled up. In that case make sure to stick around this read, so that you choose the right Cleanroom accessories suppliers India.

How to choose the right cleanroom panels?
The key is to choose ‘an accurate one’ rather than an expensive one!
The best part of following these 5 tips is that as long as you follow them you won’t end up spending big bucks on the right one.

  1. Clean room panel: A clean room’s surface of the wall and ceiling should be smooth, flat, free from dust, and easy to clean using a dust removal procedure.
  2. Construction of the room: The clean room structure must be made using sealing measures that are reliable and leave no construction gaps in between clean room doors and windows, ceilings, walls, floor surfaces.
  3. Color of cleanrooms: The color of the clean rooms must be light and gentle, giving workers a comfortable environment to work in. Always go for soothing colours that are not too vibrant for a workspace. You don’t want the technicians getting distracted by the interiors in such a focused environment.
  4. Resistance from Corrosion: Clean rooms usually need to be washed very often. In addition to cleaning with water, disinfectant water or alcohol is also used to disinfect the rooms. The liquids contain several harsh chemicals, which might discolor and fall off certain materials on the surfaces so; we need the clean room accessories to be corrosion resistive.
  5. Weather Proof: Biological clean rooms like the operating rooms that are generally equipped with O₃ generators which are used for sterilization. This can accelerate the oxidation or corrosion of the objects such as metals in the environment. This will further lead to fading and discoloration of the general coating surface because of oxidation. Therefore, these kinds of clean rooms require that their decorative accessories should have good resistance for oxidation and will not produce rust.

Clean room panels must have a smooth surface, corrosion resistance and good antibacterial ability. Cleanroom panels suppliers can meet all the needs of building accessories standards for clean areas in pharmaceutical and medical environments. It is widely used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing, etc. The cleanroom engineering area, which meets all these strict requirements on the indoor environment, is extremely valued by the customers.

Trio India is one such Modular Cleanroom Partitions supplier and Manufacturers that takes care of all these parameters and fulfills all the promises to our customers. We have a wide range of turnkey solutions which are designed by keeping in mind all the points that were mentioned above.

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