Cleanroom Doors

A cleanroom door is one of the vital considerations of significance. The doors are excellent high-performance entrances devised to save clean rooms in the institution. The cleanroom doors improve the response to environmental systems like impurities, pollutants, dust, and microbes that can influence your facilities.

The materials employed to construct these doors are aluminum honeycomb and paper honeycomb. These doors have high-efficiency particulates that filter to entrap undesirable particles and drag them from the room. Furthermore, a pharmaceutical cleanroom door has temperature control effects.

Cleanroom doors in Bangladesh are an essential component of the requirements as they are exposed to more elevated temperatures than risk contamination. These doors are developed and built by professionals.

Trio India’s cleanroom door in Chittagong offers you an easy cleaning experience and has various hygienic advantages. These doors require low maintenance but are favourably energy-efficient, providing the productivity benefits of high-speed doors for pharmaceutical and food enterprises.

Properties of Cleanroom doors
  • The Pharmaceutical cleanroom door is environment friendly and temperature resistant.
  • The modular doors by Trio India are effortless to assemble.
  • We utilize double-layer steel and frame, allowing the door to stand up to and work appropriately for years to come.
  • This also allows the cleanroom doors to preserve their network and appeal to diverse cleanroom staff.
  • The cleanroom door is sterile and corrosion-resistant.
  • Cleanroom door can tolerate high humidity levels.

Trio India asks for every single need of the client and delivers them precisely what they desire. Buy Cleanroom door in Bangladesh!

Fire Doors

High-rise commercial and industrial buildings need fire safety standards that form compartments to prevent the reach of fire, smoke, and heat. Fire door manufacturer such as Trio India offers doors that stop the spread of fire, smoke, and heat and contain a fire within a particular area, thus protecting lives and property.

Suggested for saving life in the possibility of a fire-related emergency, our emergency exit doors in Khulna, Bangladesh, have fire-resistant ratings from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Providing enough time for a safe escape. These door sets have choices of glazing, fire-resistant, self-closing louvres, single and double door sets for emergency exit. These doors commend the existing passive fire-fighting methods and guarantee optimal personal protection.

A fire-resistive grade door assembly can produce clear fire protection, including design and hardware. Doors are manufactured using the two-layered Galvanized /stainless steel sheet blended with materials of proprietary fire-resistant insulation and Honeycomb between them. Steel support is delivered for structural strength and integrity. All exits are pre-engineered at the factory to receive prior fixed hardware. The doors are delivered to customers and hardware of approved or select brands.

Superior Elements
  • Available in standard dimensions as well as customized dimensions
  • Smart, flush, and robust designs combined with pleasing aesthetics
  • Available in colour shades as per customer requirements
  • Completely asbestos-free
  • Prefabricated as to establish readily at site
  • Ready to handle hardware as per client need
  • Created from galvanized steel sheets
  • Hardware required as per client needs

Call us to let us know about your requirements, and we’ll suggest you the best Emergency exit doors in Bangladesh.

Commercial Steel Doors

Trio India delivers a full line of standard and Commercial steel doors for new and retrofits construction assignments in the industrial, commercial, and institutional needs. Our steel doors are perfect for exterior and interior projects– they can be prepared for glass equipment, door hardware, and louvres.

  • Fire-Rated from 30-minutes to 2 Hours
  • Rigid Honeycomb or Polystyrene Material

Commercial steel doors in Bangladesh established a bar for performance, dependability and type. Our trusted prominence in the industry sustains our reliable piece of Commercial steel doors in Khulna. We provide any-scale tasks, nationally or locally. Easily order online, and appreciate our quick-delivery schedule.

Stock Door Specifications
  • Robust, SDI Level 2 – 18 Gauge Steel
  • Rigid Honeycomb Material or Insulated Polystyrene
  • Typical Height to 8’0″, Widths up to 4’0″ (Customisation is Available)
  • Reversible Hinge Plates
  • Non-Handed Configuration
  • Factory Utilised Baked-On Rust Inhibiting Primer (No Particular Color Options) – Not planned to be a final coat. It is suggested that finish paint (topcoat) be used after installing the doors.

Shaft Doors

Shaft Doors help deliver access to an area that needs some level of protected entry. Shaft Doors are utilised in diverse applications, including plaster, drywall, fire-rated valve containers, security access doors and floor hatches. Shaft doors in Bangladesh also incorporate doors for larger installations like floor hatches, roof hatches and walk-through entrance doors. Shaft entrance doors are developed to deliver convenient, economical access to duct elements.

Trio India’s Specialized Fire Shaft Doors Are Developed To Compartmentalise And Prevent The Spread Of Fire in accordance with the Most Strict Conditions Of Life Safety In Commercial And Industrial Structures. Tested And Warranted To Concede With Highest Indian And British Standards, the doors are Available With Fire Rating for 30, 60, or 120 Minutes. The Entrance Complements well with the Current Passive Fire-fighting Systems and guarantees Optimal Personal Safety.

Modular Partitions

Movable office partition wall systems or Modular partitions are essential to most office furniture layout resolutions today in Bangladesh.
Fast-paced commercial and office assignments need modular system-based concrete Modular partitions systems that are fast to install and can handle the problems of service and care and quick evolution of finishes if required. These Modular partitions Wall systems are also known as the Wall partitions, room dividers, Solid partitions, office modular partition systems, soundproof partitions or panel partitions.
This panelling and enclosure wall system is also quite excellent for banks, hospitals, commercial spaces of any type in Ghana.

Trio India offers a unique, trendy, Modular partitions system that lets you fast and economically separate spaces, develop rooms and determine spots. It is effortless to develop demountable walls, quick rooms, and dividers separators for offices and residential spaces, or to utilise Trio India to create portable settings, exhibits, trade show booths, retail displays, gallery walls, and art displays, event dividers, theatrical or film sets, etc. The Trio India Modular partitions wall system is adjustable, letting you build all kinds of floor plans.