Mostly, persons are worried regarding the safety of their buildings. The utilization of premises is for several purposes as a workplace, lodging, or for leisure activities. The fire’s flames are dangerous. Fires can happen unexpectedly. The fire is the result of reasons such as faulty electrical devices. Fires can cause severe damage to properties and life. Recently, the simple doors are getting replaced with Fire Doors.

Fires are avoidable when the required measures are in practice. To make your building safe from fires, you must purchase Fire Doors from Trio India. Trio India is a leading manufacturer of fire doors based in Punjab, India.

Trio India Company is proficient in designing and producing a wide range of Fire Doors. These doors are more effective than simple doors. These doors safeguard your property and possessions. The design of doors is such that you will get adequate time for safe departure in case of fire incidents.

Fire Door Manufacturer

  • What are the Components of Fire Doors?

What does the term Fire Proof Doors signify? It denotes that these doors control the spread of flames, fire, and lethal gas in the building. Trio India is a specialist in the manufacture of fire doors. The doors are capable of restraining the blazes in a specific area for a longer time. In this way, these doors act as a shield for other rooms of the house.

Any building where fire doors get installed helps the lodgers in escaping the building safely in case of any fire happening. Moreover, these doors will ensure minimum damage in the house by controlling and checking the fire spread.

We need to keep our accommodation protected. For that, we need to replace our regular doors by seeking advice from a Fire Rated Doors Manufacturers in India. Therefore, you can communicate with Trio India, one of the best manufacturers of fire doors. The fire doors are also known as fire-rated doors, or fire-resistant doors, or fire-retardant doors. These doors need to be self-locking and secure.

Trio India is the top Fire Door Manufacturer offering single door, double door, leaf and half door, and many more. Trio India provides sliding, swinging, or hinged fire door choices depending on the location.


Main Highlights of Fire Doors: 

  • Fire Door Material

Fire-resistant doors are manufactured by Fire Rated Doors Manufacturers in IndiaTrio India. These doors are made of stainless steel, steel, and many other materials. The manufactured doors are painted to provide nice color.

  • Quality Fire Doors

Trio India uses the correct form of a hardware component in the manufacturing of fire doors. As a result, the proper functioning of the doors is assured. You can trust Trio India as a reliable Fire Door Manufacturers providing quality fire doors.

  • Wide Range of Products

Trio India offers different kinds of products for a building. You may consult it to learn about its products such as cleanroom doors, cleanroom partitions, cleanroom ceiling, glazed partitions, and cleanroom accessories.

  • Apt for all Buildings

A fire door is suitable for all kinds of buildings. The installation is for residential, industrial, and commercial sites. The company offers the best fire doors for commercial buildings like offices, malls, hospitals, hotels, airports, restaurants, and many more. These doors are crucial for industrial sectors, institutions like schools and colleges, and residential places.

Whether your house or commercial space is newly built or requires renovation, you can depend on Trio India. It is a reputed Galvanized Steel door Manufacturers that designs and manufactures durable fire doors. These doors are of the finest quality matches up the international standards. Trio India has achieved recognition as the leading in-house or exterior fire door manufactures.

Galvanized steel doors manufacturers

Hence, to protect the doors from tarnishing and deterioration, Trio India – Galvanized Steel Doors Manufacturers is the most appropriate choice for you. For more details, get in touch with Trio India.

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