A cleanroom is a specific area constrained of foreign particles in the conditions that can affect your research, like pollutants, microbes, dust, etc. It is used essentially for production, technology, military and scientific purposes where pollution could be damaging.These areas have specialties such as a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter that can trap contaminants. They also offer humidity control and additional Modular Cleanrooms environment characteristics to control the cleanliness conditions.

You can spend in a traditional cleanroom design for your institution, but a more manageable and cost-effective solution is possible. Modular Cleanrooms, also known as soft wall cleanrooms, is a great alternative. This type of area features Removable Partitions, is movable and lightweight, and comes with easy assembly options.

Compact cleanrooms satisfy ISO cleanroom standards similar to hard wall clean rooms at much less cost.

In this article, we’ll tell you the five advantages of using a modular cleanroom:

Benefits of Modular Cleanrooms
Benefits of Modular Cleanrooms
1. Versatility

Modular Cleanrooms can be assembled, disassembled or transferred whenever there is a need. As businesses start to grow and change in the future, you can already anticipate all these factors.

There can be growth in the area of your work, but building a new, robust cleanroom every time you relocate is cost-prohibitive.

You find versatility in the design of your Cleanroom accessories. You can also customize the cleanroom plan as per your institution’s standards. It’s always essential to ensure these components comply with the Indian standards and have suitable specifications.

2. Reconfiguration

Modular systems are relatively cheap to begin, and you can modify them into larger, smaller models or change entry points as per your requirement.

Whereas when you get a permanent cleanroom with lower ISO specifications and in future, you have to satisfy more rigorous specs, There will be higher costs in making these changes.

However, as cleanroom turnkey solutions are adaptable and can be reconfigured, the changes in the position of the room panels and doors are very easy and at less cost.

3. Cleanliness Control

Cleanroom methods are crucial to comprehend as they help to guarantee the place is really tidy and that your experiment is less prone to be infected. It’s essential to understand your ISO classification before you plan for a clean room, and if your classification level changes in the future, it will be easier to make modifications in a modular cleanroom when compared to a permanent one.

The air samplers or settle plates can help you estimate the level of contamination in the chamber. The fume hood eliminates toxic vapors instantly. Similarly, the HEPA filters can trap particles as tiny as .3 micron.

4. Cost

Designing a traditional cleanroom can cost you almost $1,500 per square foot. There are several factors as to why a traditional cleanroom is so expensive.

Firstly, you require various specialized architects to design the blueprints and then build them as per the standards. Then, the ductwork experts will plan and run separate ductwork for the room that will manage airflow, doors and windows. Time is money in a business, and it will take few months to create a permanent cleanroom.

A modular cleanroom gives you customized, sanitary conditions at a much lower cost. The average compact cleanroom can cost somewhere between $10,000 to $15,000, as per the control conditions and needs.

Additionally, the industrial furniture, custom cabinets, workbenches, anti-static mats, electrical outlets and other Cleanroom accessories will determine the exact cost.

5. Lead Time

While developing a conventional cleanroom, you need an exact plan, a good budget and time. An expert cleanroom company like Trio India can give an ISO-compliant modular system in much lesser time. Modular Cleanrooms development will just take a few days to a few weeks for more complex rooms.

Especially during the entire COVID scenario, many companies have shifted to the modular option.

Just keep in mind all the factors that affect the time for the installation of a modular cleanroom.

 An Important Decision

Choosing between Modular Cleanrooms and a more traditional structure must be decided as per the needs, budget and installation timeline. The great thing is if you have a low budget or you know about the changes in the future, a modular cleanroom will work great for you.

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