The easiest access for most uninvited intruders is right through the doors. Whether you own a small business with cash kept at the shop or just want strider protection for your home, commercial metal doors are the most justified solution. Here are the reasons, why!

. A standard office or a regular house door is quite worrisome as it is very easy to break.  A good amount of thrust from a shoulder or professional kick will be sufficient to knock the door off because of the weak hinges. Even the most unprepared and unskilled thief finds it no rocket science to break in and enter.


  1. The appearance of the doors

Our catalogue offers impressively manufactured commercial metal doors that are designed by keeping deception in mind. For a layman, it will appear to be a normal door sold at any general hardware store, the installation of these doors at your institution will be perfect to keep any over-ambitious burglar away.

Speaking about the wood or hollow metal type, the doors are very similar in opening and closing. This makes sure that the owner doesn’t feel like an inmate confined in a self-made, high-security jail.

Our variety of doors are available with or no ballistic-resistant glass window, that too in different sizes and styles, we modify it according to the customers’ need. Our product is not just some run-of-the-mill piece of metal, it takes care of both protection and aesthetics.

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2. Shields for protection without hindering Functionality

There is a huge rise in house and office burglaries in the past many years, investing in a military-grade commercial door for security is an intelligent and shrewd move.

One of the greatest advantages of our commercial doors for security is that they are manufactured using materials of innovative, advanced quality that ensures their faultless functionality. We design our doors with the help of cutting-edge technological materials that can make sure safety while the key characteristics of the products are sustained. The push or pull of the door handle has an amazing lightness and so smooth that it needs minimum exertion to handle.

3. Long-Lasting and can Withstand a Blast

The Metal Doors manufacturers have made sure that our commercial security products give you maximum protection and preserve and eventually show few signs of wear and tear.

We use premium and high graded components in the making of both the interior and outer surface of our commercial doors. Trio India knows that top-notch quality is needed to save lives. A precise construction process by the experts in the industry ensures that the doors meet the expectation and guarantee.

4. Complete counteraction

We aim that our products are developed and designed to barricade all sort of attempts to infiltrate. The repulsions caused by a blast fragment or a bullet may barricade the immediate threat but in fact, a spinning piece of searing hot shrapnel can do loads of harm. Our team have worked tirelessly to structure out materials for the Metal Doors that take care of such impacts.


What more reasons could be to install these doors?

  • They are affected by temperature. Steel conducts, thus the door can become hot or cold depending upon the atmospheric temperature.
  • They can make your room soundproof.  Metal doors are able to reduce sound pollution causing in one room from another.
  • Very easy to maintain. Steel is of great use in buildings like a hospital, where sanitation must be at par.
Do you need a COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL Metal Door in your building?

These doors become very useful in places with high precipitation and high-temperature fluctuations. They are environmentally friendly as they’re hundred per cent recyclable. Very cost-effective in the long term.

Are you looking for a change?

The utmost care and considerations are taken by our dedicated team of designers on every single product that we offer which gives us an edge over the competitors in the market.

Contact us today to consult our industry specialists. We will give you protection expertise from the Metal Doors manufacturers, who will tell you the right product for your institution.

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    This is very nice & relevant article, I have been serving in Door’s Industry since 2016. I really found this informational & relevant. I enjoyed reading your Blog on the Benefits of Metal Doors.

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