How partitioning walls at offices changed over the years?

Earlier the office walls were built with timber studs having plasterboards nailed on, completing with plaster.  It was impossible to relocate these walls as the entire room had to be dismantled. This is both, time taking and messy. Hence, came in the Removable Partitions. These wall partitions are easily movable& can be cleanly taken down within your office.  No chaos, no noise, no mess!

Modular Partitions walls are a type of vertical divider used for separating internal spaces within a building into rooms and free spaces like corridors. Glazed Partitions are used for employee’s information security. They are non-messy and helpful to customize workspaces and it will make it easier to expand your business. You should consider design and space before choosing one for your office. We have listed some common types of partitions that are in trend.

These full-height partitions or floor-to-ceiling partitions are a desirable solution to increase the seating area and visibility in the office. A common material used in the manufacturing of floor-to-ceiling partitions is metal that is covered with cloth. You can easily reconfigure these removable partitions.

They are generally of two types; half and full-height panels. They are in high demand because of their simplicity. Moreover, they can add up to the aesthetics in your office. They are glass and aluminum. They are chosen as installing them helps to reduce noise and allow light to your workspace.
The Glazed Partitions, can be fire-rated if required. Let’s talk about them in a little more detail.

– a.)  Full height glass
They allow full visibility through the partitioning, and natural light from the external windows can come inside the office space.If you need privacy add a glass frosting. They are also available in double-glazed with a blind that is fitted in the cavity of the glass and in a single-glazed the blind is fitted within the bevel square.

– b.) Half glazed / half solid
In this design, a solid partition is present allowing all the desks and storage elements to be placed neatly in the office. It helps is maximizing the office space. You can also use a solid wall-to-door head height and then place the glass above it that will give you privacy without hindering the sunlight.

– c.) Solid / glass / solid option

For this, the office desks and storage are kept at a low level and place Glazed Partitions above

There are many options in the market without any frame. The benefits of these frameless glasses are that there is complete visibility within the office. Add up to your office ambiance giving it a stylish and modern look. You can choose a frosting for the glass in any style or colour that suits your office environment.

The generally used partitions, cubicles are also known as “half-height” partitions. They offer privacy to employees. You can move them from one place to another. It has four walls and an opening where people can enter. The fourth wall of cubicles has a height half wrt the other three walls. They have a workspace with a table and space for a computer.

They generally have an attachment of rollers at the bottom making them easily movable in case of any renovations. If you want flexible, temporary solutions go for portable office partitions. Yes, they offer slight private space but some of them have a feature that reduces noise.

They are very similar to portable partitions, but they give complete privacy similar to floor-to-ceiling partitions. They are movable and can easily modify as per the need. These panels are foldable and can be closed according to the workspace setup you want.

A comfortable working environment that has personal spaces boost up the productivity level of an employee. Modular Partitions are an important factor in designing and defining your workspace. Trio India helps you design office interiors with a customizable range of these partitions. Get in touch with us and we’ll find you great solutions.

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